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The Marbella Climate – Perfect Vacation Weather for Any Time of the Year

The Marbella Climate – Perfect Vacation Weather for Any Time of the Year

The Marbella Climate – Perfect Vacation Weather for Any Time of the Year

If you’re considering buying a holiday home in Marbella, you’re probably wondering about the Marbella climate. Marbella is one of those rare locations on planet Earth that is blessed with perfect weather almost all year round. Residents of Marbella enjoy 320 sun-drenched days out of the year and feel blessed during the rainy days of the remaining 45. After all, without that rainfall, Marbella would hardly be the green oasis of the Mediterranean that it is.


The Marbella Climate.


The Marbella climate produces warm to hot summer days, but nothing that a day at the beach or lounging by the pool won’t fix. Wintering in the Marbella climate is pleasantly mild, as you won’t need much more than long pants and a light cardigan for enjoying a walk along the boulevard

No matter what time of the year you visit Marbella, there’s a good to excellent chance that the sun will be shinning. The hottest part of the year is from April to August, with temperatures reaching a balmy 31 ºC (about 87 °F) on a sunny August day.  On average you can expect cold to mild temperatures during Winter, with an average winter temperature of 18 ºC (about 64 °F).


Why is the Marbella Climate so Mild?


Geographic location plays a big part in creating the beautifully mild Marbella climate that holidaymakers and locals love so much.  The Mediterranean Sea lies to the south, trapping the day’s warmth and evening out temperatures. The Sierra Blanca Mountain ranges in the north shelters Marbella from the more erratic weather which frequently visits the straits of Gibraltar and the coast of Fuengirola. While they struggle through rough seas and windy sea spray, Marbella weather remains calm and comfortable.


If you are looking for the perfect place for buying a holiday home in, Marbella may be the paradise for which you have been searching. Mild weather and sunny days with heaps to see and do will mean that every holiday season will be one to remember.

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