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Property Management in Marbella

Property Management in Marbella

So, you’ve finally found your dream holiday home on the sunny coast of Marbella. You’ve signed the papers, made the transfer and now the property is yours. What’s next you ask? Well, it is time to find a trustworthy company that handles property management in Marbella, and look no further then D&B Real Estate.  

Now the next question may be, what is property management? Simply put, we manage the property when you are not there, which includes making regular visits to inspect the property, property maintenance, check that all utilities are working (water, gas, electricity, alarm), ensure payments are up to date on all the fees associated with the property and much more.  

So now that you know what property management is, now you’re probably wondering, why property management? And why D&B Real Estate? Here are 5 reasons why you should enlist our services of property management in Marbella.  


1) Reassurance 

Properties in general should not stay empty for extended periods of time. Who knows what could happen? Maybe a leak from within your property or a neighbour’s property needs attention. Or maybe you left the air conditioning on as you fly back home, that’s going to be an expensive mistake! No matter what happens, having someone on site that you can call to or receive updates from is always very reassuring, knowing that your home in the sun is being looked after properly.  


2) Security  

Heard some unsettling rumours about house occupants/squatters? Or are there a string of robberies in the nearby neighbourhood that makes you uneasy? Having someone on site will always help making sure that the house is clearly being looked after, as well as knowing someone can be there swiftly should something arise. We at D&B Real Estate in particularly have several contacts and recommendations of security/alarm companies that can be trusted.  


3) Welcoming services  

Arriving very late? Just want to get into the house and relax without thinking about breakfast shopping, cleaning and making the beds? Well with our property management services, we can schedule cleaning both after you leave and before you arrive to ensure that the property is in tip top shape for your arrival. On top of that, if you are arriving late, we can arrange for a breakfast package to be ready for your arrival, among any other items that you request to make it as comfortable as possible. This also applies to any guests you have that you lend your property to.  


4) Rental Service 

So, you bought your property on the coast and now want to make some money from it? Our property management service can include a rental service as well, where we can handle everything, from finding tenants, ensuring proper cleaning before and after, inspection and be the point of contact for them.  


5) Miscellaneous Services  

Noticed that you have some electrical/plumbing problems? Wanting to renovate a part of the property or even the entire property? Or do you need help ordering internet to be installed or anything else? Well with our property management service, we help with all of that. Due to being one of the oldest real estate agencies on the coast, we have an extensive contact network with only the most reliable contractors that can help you with what you need.  


So, there was our list. What did you think? If you want to know more, feel free to contact us directly at and learn more about what we can offer. Our services have a range of different prices, all tailored specifically to your needs. 

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