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New Golden Mile becomes the Marbella Golden Triangle

New Golden Mile becomes the Marbella Golden Triangle

New Golden Mile becomes the Marbella Golden Triangle

Luxury properties in Estepona have long been lusted after by the affluent; the beachside New Golden Mile offers some of the most premium real estate in the Costa del Sol.

This glamorous area by the sea with its spectacular beaches and Andalusian charm has made it one of the most popular destinations for foreign buyers in recent years. In fact, total property prices in 2017 were 26.6% higher than in 2016 and 10% over the average for the area.

In other words, there are a lot of people who want a piece of that extravagant real estate market.

But now we’re going beyond just a Golden Mile to the Marbella Golden Triangle, the more or less triangular area of Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis. This means it’s not just about the beach anymore; this area includes beach, mountain, golf and valley to make it one of the most coveted luxury property destinations in the world.

Owning a property in this wealthy area, whether it’s an investment property, a second home or you’re buying to let, is still a decision you can feel confident in. Why?

Because the Marbella Golden Triangle has proved itself almost completely immune to financial crises and market fluctuations. Luxury properties in Estepona and other exclusive addresses continue to sell for millions of Euros, proving that real estate is always a solid investment, particularly in areas with such prestige.

A recent report compared property prices now to those maximum levels 10 years ago and they showed the second lowest devaluation in the whole Malaga province. In Marbella, new build licenses actually increased by 143% from 2016 to 2017, staggering proof of buyer and investor confidence.

What is the appeal of the Marbella Golden Triangle?

The top investors, the British and Northern Europeans, are drawn by the weather, of course. Golden climate combined with premium restaurants, bars and clubs, beaches and striking mountains make it a high-end real estate destination. Most of the areas are convenient, close to transport links and amenities.

And we’ve already mentioned the confidence you can have in your asset appreciating.

You can also discover new areas. Properties in San Pedro de Alcantara, right at the heart of the Marbella Golden Triangle, are at a premium due to the relatively untouched nature of this peaceful town. The whitewashed houses and bustling promenade make it an ideal place to own a holiday home.

It could be that you’re after something a bit more extravagant, and extravagance is certainly something the Marbella Golden Triangle  has in spades. The New Golden Mile was spectacular enough, but now your investment can go beyond the beach front to be something truly unique.

This high-end property market will be a long-lasting one, so get searching for your luxury property now.

DB Marbella is right in the middle of all the action with our office in the heart of the Golden Triangle in San Pedro de Alcántara, so if you are looking for property in this area, make sure to give us a call first!


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