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Interview with the Founder of D&B Real Estate

Interview with the Founder of D&B Real Estate

Today we have an interview with the founder of D&B Real Estate, Mr. Daniel Sundén – Cullberg. Daniel is the founder of D&B Real Estate and has been on the Costa del Sol since the 60s. He has firsthand witnessed the transformation of what used to me a small coastal town, expand and grow into what it is today, a hot destination for all types of people.  

C: So, Daniel, let’s start off with a general question so people know who they are talking to. What is it you do in D&B Real Estate? What are some of your responsibilities?  

Daniel: Well, as you have mentioned before, I am the CEO & founder of D&B Real Estate. I am the head of sales for D&B as well as the main contact person here. I’m always making sure that I am reachable at all times for all our clients, no matter what they need. I also personally help with the after sales service that we provide to all our clients, for both buying and selling.  


C: And how about D&B Real Estate. When and what made you start the company all those years ago?  

Daniel: I guess it all started back in 1971 when I first got involved in real estate. I worked for my uncle and his partners who had their own real estate business back then. I did most of the work and got a very good insight on how the business works and what direction it was going. After several years I decided to break away and start my own business, which at first, was a restaurant. I ran a successful restaurant for a couple of years but then I felt that real estate was my calling. So, I shut it down in 1992 and in 1993 I opened D&B Real Estate together with a friend called Bengt.  


C: How did you come up with the name D&B Real Estate?  

Daniel: The name comes from the first letter of our names. Later, I would meet my later to be wife, who decided to work with us. After a couple of years, in 1995, both her and I decided to buy out Bengt who wanted to work on something else. Luckily because her name was Birgitta, we didn’t need to change the name of the company.  


C: So, what makes D&B Real Estate so different from the other agencies around?  

Daniel: I would point out firstly we are a registered and authorized real estate agency in Spain. There is no law which dictates that you need a license to practice, which is why there are so many agencies here compared to other countries. Secondly, as I mentioned before, I have been working and been active in all thing’s real estate since 1971, so anyone who wants to work with us or enlists us for help will have the assurance that we know what we are talking about because of our knowledge and expertise.  

But ultimately, what we pride ourselves in, is our personalized service. Everyone matters and receives our full support in both before and after sales, along with giving them access to our extensive contact network which has all the contact people you would need, with arguably better, faster and more reliable service than others.  


C: How much has Marbella in general grown the past 30 years? 

 Daniel: Well, that’s the interesting part. Unofficially the population has increased, I would say, around 50% every 10 years the past 30 years. It’s a booming area and tourism has exploded and helped propel Marbella forward as one of the places to be.  


C: You used the phrase “unofficially”. What do you mean by that?  

Daniel: Its simple really. Official figures are off due to the fact that a lot of people who buy property don’t register themselves in the townhall for the official population statistics. By my guess and estimate, even though the official population is something around 140,000, I would say it’s closer to 50,000 more.  


C: That’s quite an interesting fact and very impressive how much its grown. Then that leads onto the next question. How much more can Marbella (and its surroundings) grow?  

 Daniel: See here is the tricky part. Marbella in itself, does not have that much land left to build on. The only way specifically Marbella can grow is up. Building taller buildings. However, when we’re talking about the neighboring communities such as Istán, Benahavís and Mijas, there is still plenty of land left to offer which will help the entire area grow exceptionally in the coming years. Definitely something to look out for.  


C: With that said, what is your advice to potential buyers who are interested in investing in a property here in Marbella? 

Daniel: Buy now.   


C: Seriously? That’s it?  

Daniel: Yes. Currently due to the pandemic it’s a buyers’ market. Prices may have gone down a bit but they will recover as they always do. But in all seriousness, if I were to advise anything, it would be to come down and drive around. Get a feel for the different areas and note down which areas, or even communities, that you like. There is such a vast number of different types of communities and areas, so there is something for everyone. We are always here to help and give advice of course.  


C: That sounds great Daniel. We’re at the end now, so let’s end it with something different. Tell everyone an interesting thing about yourself.  

Daniel: I guess the most notable thing to say would be that I am a 3-time Spanish Bridge Champion. I have not played in many years but it is something that I might slowly get back into as I did enjoy it.  

Another somewhat interesting thing is that I could arguably be one of the first Scandinavian people to play padel in Marbella. They built the first padel courts in Marbella Club all the way back around 1972, and I was there trying it out shortly after.  

Thank you for reading this interview with the founder of D&B Real Estate. If you like this, head on over to our Instagram or Facebook accounts and leave a like and comment (buttons down below)! There you will find all our latest updates with properties and blog posts! Or simply contact us here.

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