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Choosing the best holiday rental in Marbella

Choosing the best holiday rental in Marbella

How to choose best holiday rental in Marbella is not an easy question since this depends on a number of things such as your budget, nearness to the beach, amenities what you want to do, and the access to transport if you are going to travel and do a lot of site-seeing.

Therefore getting to choose your holiday rental Marbella can be such a daunting task as the range of options for rentals is just endless. But then with this variety of options to choose from you can be assured of getting the best holiday rental that can suit your needs.

So how do you choose a holiday rental in Marbella when there are a number of choices out there?

Holiday rental in marbella – Facts Sheet

It’s upon you to choose the kind of rental you want but it’s important to consider the following factors when it comes to making the choice of accommodation.

  • You will need to decide on what kind of vacation you want: There are a number of options in Marbella but getting to think of the reasons for your stay is paramount in helping you choose the best holiday rental. If you want to simply relax at an apartment with services such as restaurants, kids clubs then you will have to look for one that is near such amenities, for example, the Luxury contemporary apartment which is close to Puerto Banus.
  • What is your budget? This the most important thing to consider when looking for a holiday rental in Marbella. Some people will want to have something luxurious while others will want something classy but affordable. Well, that would all depend on the size of your pocket. If you need something luxurious with a number of services such as hot stone massage then you might consider looking for luxurious apartments such as this Luxury garden apartment close to Puerto Banus.
  • Convenience to attractive landmarks: If you plan to visit certain landmarks then it’s good to consider the convenience and cost of transport to those attractions. An example is this Penthouse with unbeatable views which is near the sea and mountains.
  • Child-friendly apartment: If you are going on holiday with your kids and family and you are looking for a holiday rental that can be friendly to children then you can consider a garden apartment since its suitable for people of all ages.

When looking at Marbella, many people seem to be drawn to the old town of Marbella, but keep in mind, renting an apartment in this popular resort will cost a lot more than renting something a little further away.

Take San Pedro de Alcánatara for example. A luxury 2 bedroom apartment could cost as little as 600/800 per week, something similar in Marbella could set you back 1200/1500 per week! The extra 400/600€ you save for staying away from the city center could give you enough to rent a car for the week, and this way, you get to see a whole lot more of the beautiful Costa del Sol for a lot less! (you would save 200€ on your taxi to and from the airport for a start!)

San Pedro has many excellent tourist features too that you should consider, and it being just 15 minutes driving from Marbella, you can still take in the sights of the popular seaside town.


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