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Buying a property in Marbella, Part I

Buying a property in Marbella, Part I

So, you’ve finally gotten into the idea of buying a property in Marbella. Where to start? Who to contact? Which area? What kind of home do you want? Why Marbella? These are some of the few questions that would be going through your mind. Here at D&B Real Estate, we are here to help with all the questions you may have.  


Where to start?  

It’s all easy saying you want to buy a property somewhere on the sunny coast of Spain, but where would be a good place to start? Our recommendation would be to do a little research. There are many different towns and cities that are dotted all up and down the coast, find out what sounds more for you. Another way could be to see if you have any friends or family that either have visited multiple areas or own a property themselves! Get their input and ideas. It is also good to know that unlike many other countries, in Spain you benefit more by sticking to one agency rather than using several different ones. This is because, at least in Costa del Sol, all the agencies collaborate. Thus your trusted agent can guarantee to find you exactly what you’re looking for, instead of you having to be in contact with multiple different agencies.  


Who to contact? 

So, you’ve made the decision to start looking in Costa del Sol. As a quick search will tell you, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of estate agents on the coast. Who would you contact? Maybe your friend or family member can recommend someone they have used in the past or are currently dealing with. To make this search easier, look out for actual licensed agencies (as there are very few in comparison to the sheer number of agencies there are). These agencies will usually have been around for many years and have an extensive knowledge of the area that will greatly help you, and as mentioned previously, your trusted agent (like us for example), will have access to all the available properties for sale on the coast. 


Which area?  

As your trusted agent will quickly make clear to you, there are so many wonderful areas to choose, depending on what your preferences are. Maybe you want to be close to the buzz and find a property in Puerto Banús? Or maybe you prefer something more authentic and choose Benahavis village? Whatever the preference, there is something for everyone.  


What kind of home?  

Another excellent question to have. Can you see yourself having an apartment by the beach, or a house by a golf course? Or vice versa? There are countless of different kind of properties, ranging in all shapes and sizes, with extra additions within the property or close to the property. All of this can be explained by your trusted agent.  


Finally, why Marbella?  

Marbella is true unique place in the world, due to the natural landscape and mountainous region around it. Thanks to that, Marbella boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, making it the perfect getaway from those cold, dark winters elsewhere. Whether you are a party person, golf lover, beach crazy or love experiencing the Spanish culture, there is all of that within the reaches of Marbella. Especially if you are a golf lover, as did you know, Costa del Sol has the most golf courses in its area than anywhere else in Europe? (Over 70 courses to choose from!) It is also the place that is constantly growing and building all around, and more and more people are moving to enjoy all that this wonderful area has to offer.  


Are you the next one buying a property in Marbella? Contact us now so you can finally start your search for your perfect home in the sun!  

Also, watch this space! Part II of this blog will be out within the next two weeks, featuring an in-depth guide on the buying process, as well as a COVID-19 market update! Stay tuned! 

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