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Andalucia Holiday Rental Regulations May 2018

Andalucia Holiday Rental Regulations May 2018

The regional government has tightened its Andalucia Holiday Rental Regulations, and for good reason! The tourist movement on Borders agency “Frontur” recently released its first quarter figures showing an increase of 6% in tourism compared to 2017.

13.7 Million international tourists visited Spain in the first 4 months of 2018. 1.4 million of these visitors elected to stay in private rented holiday accommodation.  That is 7% more than last year. And these figures are what is recorded, as we all know, there are many more “unrecorded” holiday rentals on the market, so this number could be significantly higher!

5 years ago the Spanish government started to clamp down on “undocumented holiday rentals” and started to exclude holiday rentals from the LAU (Urban Rental Law) and told each of the 17 regional governments to start regulating the industry and put in place rules to ensure holiday rentals are safe and regulated.

Andalucia was one of the first to put these regulations in place mainly because Andalucia is such a popular tourist destination and tourist accommodation is one of the largest industries in the autonomous community.

Each regional government body can implement their own rules, but today we are looking only at the ones in Andalucia, so you are up to date as well!

Andalucia Holiday Rental Regulations

Since May 2016 Andalucia enforces the “Decreto 28/2016″. 

Regulations include:

  • Free wifi has to be available in the home
  • A fully functioning cooling / heating system is in place
  • The property can offer a single room occupancy
  • The home needs to have its first occupancy licence or similar(Cédula de Antiguedad / Habilitibiliad)

Until 2018 it was quite easy for people to offer their holiday rentals up for rent through many popular booking sites without having been registered, but since July 2018 most booking sites will no longer allow you to apply with unregistered properties.

If you have registered your property online for rent but you don’t have a First Occupation License you could be fined up to 2000€.

Owners of properties in villages with less than 20,000 registered inhabitants were lucky until now. They didn’t need to register their properties and fell outside of the regulation for rural properties. However, they now need to register as a VFT (property with touristic purposes).

Property owners and agencies alike that have three or more holiday rentals to their name must now register as “Apartamento Turístico” and will be given stricter regulations.

To register your property as holiday rental you will have to complete a ” Declaración Responsable” (application form) and submit it to your local town hall or tourist department. If you have an online signature you can apply complete the form online and send it off signing digitally.

Minimum requirements to apply for the license are a valid ID Document and the First Occupation License.

If you need any help with arranging your paperwork in preparation to renting out your property for the holidays, why not pop in to our office, we are happy to help. We are fully aware of the Andalucia Holiday Rental Regulations and could possibly even do the paperwork for you!

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