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7 things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara

7 things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara

7 things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara

Located in the Marbella area of Spain, San Pedro de Alcantara is a small town that has gone through wide-ranging remodeling work in recent times. Thanks to its increase in tourism and vast array of excellent holiday rentals it has become a thriving resort with a host of activities to offer you including going on a buggy safari, chartering a luxury yacht, Segway tours and many more. Couple with that, it features a new strip of top-class restaurants, hotels as well as the best beach clubs where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine. Looking for things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara? I have carefully listed a great selection of activities that can make your trip an unforgettable one.

1. Have an awe-inspiring night out in Puerto Banus

The promenade bars at San Pedro de Alcantara always come alive with the cocktail crowd, as soon as the things to do in San Pedro de Alcantarasun begins to set. Just 5 minutes drive away, Puerto Banus features salsa clubs, jazz bars, night clubs and coffee shops. There is plenty to do in Puerto Banus.  Whether you are after sipping champagne while doing a spot of celebrity spotting, or you fancy a stroll ogling luxury yachts and fancy cars, you can never be wrong visiting Puerto Banus. From relaxed piano bars to all-night clubbing, believe me; anything goes here.

The beach promenade of San Pedro actually connects to the Puerto Banus beach so if you feel like a stroll in the sand (stopping off at each beach bar of course for a refreshment) you could walk all te way from San Pedro into Banus for a night out!

things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara

Playa San Pedro

This is a long belt of golden sand running next to a palm-lined promenade. Apart from being family-friendly and safe, playa San Pedro features lots of different sand-side cafés and restaurants for lunchincluding the now famous Bora Bora beach Club or the La Pesquera Restaurant. Its excellent facilities and top premium cleanliness are often recognised by the Blue Flag award. The beach has no specific car park, but there is sufficient parking space on both sides of the street that runs through the entire length of the beach.

Take A Stroll Round The Thursday Market

things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara

Thursday is a big day in San Pedro de Alcantara. It is the day to join the locals in purchasing their vegetables and fruit or you hunt for souvenirs. There are also lots of browsing opportunities in the town’s narrow streets, where gift shops are lined up and flanked by stores selling shoes, clothes and other paraphernalia. However, note that the market is only open in the mornings until 13:00 on Saturday. Looking for designer names? Then visit the nearby Marbella and Puerto Banus.

A visit to Los tres Jardines

EDIT: The Tres Hardines park is currently closed for refurbishments so please check before you go if they have reopened! Thanks Fia Ensgård for the heads up! 🙂 

things to do in San Pedro de AlcantaraLos Tres Jardines is located to the east of San Pedro de Alcántara in the low-lying flood plains of the Guadaliza River. Also called the “Three Gardens Park”, Los Tres Jardines is a spacious, lovely park featuring lots of wonderful plants plus an abundance of vegetations and trees. Additionally, it features 2 children playing grounds, a lagoon on the far side of the park and a unique dog park. Although the park looked a bit tired which was evident right from the main entrance ( the signs that that direct visitors around the park and gives visitors information on the wildlife and plants looked rusty and dirty), Los Tres Jardines is a must visit.

Enjoy the local vibes with tapas

things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara

San Pedro de Alcantara features some classy local restaurants serving the best of Foie Gras and lobster salad. There are several international restaurants along the prom too. You get more of a Spanish vibe up in the town, with the locals ordering tapas plus plates of suckling pig and paella. There is also a bubbly buzz around the church square. But if you love sightseeing you can simply roam the streets for hidden tapas bars.

Walk the Boulevard

The recently finished Boulevard of San Pedro has been a godsent for the town. Since it’s completion in 2014 the town has seen their property prices soar and nearly doubled the amount of tourists flocking the town. things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara

The boulevard features many small restaurants, open air gym equipment, a variety of children’s playgrounds with slides, swings and water activities. The “Wonky bridge” is a real attraction for the young and the old and there is even an open air “ice” rink! (Fake ice mind… we are living in tropical temperatures don’t forget!)

The boulevard offers a great day our especially for families with children. The restaurants are strategically placed so you can keep an eye on the kids from every terrace while you enjoy some adult conversation sipping a cocktail.

Do you know of other amazing things to do in San Pedro de Alcantara? We would like to hear from you through the comment box below.

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